November will be filled with many expressions of gratitude. Mine will focus on the exciting October activities that took place since I last wrote you.
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I thought I'd have time to sit down and luxuriate in writing you an email expressing gratitude for the good fortune I've been experiencing, despite sleepless nights and the usual concerns about live, the universe and everything. Yet here I am writing to you on the night before my self-imposed deadline (National Go To An Art Museum Day). So yes, I've been pretty busy; in a good way. I don't think I'll have the chance to hit any museums, but let me know if you do; doesn't have to just be today - the next time you go.


Check out this cool thing I was a part of...

On Sunday October 24th, I was one of six authors spotlighted by the local chapter of the Society of Children's Books Writers & Illustrators.

The SCBWI SF North East Bay
Virtual Book Launch Program

"Celebrating members with books traditionally published between July & September 2021!"

The book which earned me a spot among these luminaries was, of course, SPECULATIVE FICTION FOR DREAMERS. If you'll recall; my contribution to this YA anthology is a short comic titled Contraband. It’s one of three comics to share covers with short stories, poetry and a play by 37 stellar talent. Along with sharing a bit of my process, my purpose at the zoom party was also to encourage attendees to check out their work. That I happened to find myself counted among them has been gratifying.


Admittedly, there were some technical difficulties with my presentation, an interrupted internet connection and some missteps with my second presentation at the zoom event; The plan was to present my #DoneinSix comic creation challenge (you can read a bit about that in the blog post below). It did happen, but suffice it to say I need to practice my zoom presentation technique. Especially after seeing how well prepared my fellow panelist were. I've linked to those parts of video.

#TigerTuesday Updates
#TigerTuesday Updates
October was a very busy month for A Tiger's Tale.

You see, the comic strip Tiger's Tale debuted in the back page of Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine in October of 1997. So two dozen years later Publisher Gene Ching helped me celebrate by writing about it's place with-in Martial Arts Publishing History. There are other updates in the works and I'm very excited about them. I'll do my best to keep you informed here, but I think you might prefer to receive those updates yourself. You can subscribe to here. Let me just offer a glimpse of the big November announcement.

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As always, Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the conclusion to last monrh's comic - and check the MUSEletter archives for anything you might have missed. Also; keep an eye out for THE COMICS FU SHOW episode 2!


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