In this Missive you'll learn why I'm sending this to you so late in the day with some special annoucements and more free comics!
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I'm writing this missive to you on the day I'd intended it to arrive in your inbox. For about three years now I've been releasing my musings on my creative quest on the second Tuesday of each month. Admittedly there has been some ebbs and flows, I've, on occasion, doubled and even tripled that publishing rate. More recently, tech issues and shifts in my own efforts, have spaced out the release of these MUSEletters. But I have some compelling reasons to want to reach out to you today – it's about tomorrow...

at 12:30pm EST | 9:30am PST – I will be a part of a round-table focused specifically on newsletters. So if I don't hit send by the end of today I'll be compelled to admit I missed another deadline this Summer, and I'd much rather contribute to a discussion on such things as –

  • choosing a platform
  • deciding on content & schedule
  • building an audience
Special Annoucement

This Summer's Crowdfunding Crucible was an outstanding success. Of the participants involved all but one member has reached their funding goal. That last member is me - the irony. Not too surprising considering the time and energy invested in the success of others; something I've found I enjoy quite a bit. This is why I've created the Creative Crucible & the Creative Consult!


I’m offering one seat in 5-week one-on-one coaching program scheduled to suit your calendar. Whether it’s for a book launch, a crowdfunding campaign, a pitch or proposal – The Creative Crucible method will help you achieve Lift-Off!


But if you can't commit to a 5-week program I'm also offering 5 instances of this more practical perk. A 60 Minute one-on-one video coaching call / consultation which I call the Creative Consult. It'll include downloadable video, notes  and transcript as well as a live draw-over.

Learn more here
Download your Free Comic!

Among the lessons I hope to impart upon any who attend tomorrow's round-table is the value of genuinely sharing interests. And generously sharing the work that come from/with them. For me that includes comics.


The short comic CONTRABAND has done fairly well for itself. It's been well received and reviewed and I am now working on its sequel! I'd intended to have it complete by now, the deadline for its submission was August 1st. It's this submission deadline which I count among the missed deadlines of the Summer. Admittedly it was not a total miss; rather than turn in the completed comic, I submitted a story outline with page-by-page plot synopses and page roughs. Any who might be interested are welcome to review that pitch package here.

On the plus side...

I wasn't expecting the reprieve of an extended deadline and I received this news while traveling. So... as of this writing I'll have 7 days to complete 7 comic pages. But before I could do that it was important that I reach out to you first.


There's more news, a whole other anthology I've yet to announce, but I've got comics to make. So while I focus on that, you're most welcome to read up on my blog-posts below – but be assured I'll always make time for your replies.


So . . . how's your summer been?

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