about PLUGO

I create comics that are fantastical adventures with strong mythological roots and an occasionally dark edge for middle-grade, young adult and mature fans of comics, fantasy & martial arts.

PLUGO at work with tea.

Patrick Lugo: freelance illustrator, comics artist and writer is also Senior Designer of KungFuMagazine.com & Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine. My self-published graphic novel A TIGER’s TALE was funded on kickstarter overnight. The 2021 anthology Speculative Fiction for Dreamers included a comic which Publisher’s Weekly called “A Knock Out.” I illustrated the chapter book LUCY VELOZ: HIGH-FLYING PRINCESS in 2020. Subscribe to my Newsletter for exclusive webcomics, behind-the-scene and other musings. Plus you can buy merchandise ranging from cellphone cases to shower curtains on PLUGOarts.RedBubble.com.

You can find me on Twitter: @PLUGO or Instagram: @PLUGOarts

Wrestling Dragons: Custom SkateKintaro's Kitchenillustrator Patrick Lugo

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