Little Monk & the Mantis: children’s book

Book Cover: Little Monk & The MantisAbandoned on the steps of the Shaolin Temple and raised by Monks who study the power of animals to develop Kung Fu, Wong Long tries to fit in. Forever bested by other students, he runs away. That summer, he discovers the a small praying mantis he names “Teacher” and is inspired to create an entirely new style of self-defense. When he returns to Shaolin Temple, the young monk is redeemed, history is made, and a kung fu legend is born.

Little Monk and the Mantis is the thrilling tale of one boy’s search for self-expression, courage and the peaceful, non-violent teachings that are at the root of true martial arts.

Learn more about the creation of this book in the 3 part retrospective: Little Monk and the Mantis: a retrospective.


A word on Artist’s Editions

Since their release in 2012 the increasing rarity of Artist’s Editions have allowed me to spend more time on customizing each addition to the collection. This year I plan to try something different. I’ve set aside two books which will receive a complete re-inking and retouching. I’ve already started and will post updates on their progress.

You see, I’ve often thought about what I would do differently if I were to illustrate John Fusco’s wonderful manuscript again. I’ve even contemplated revisiting the manuscript as a comics treatment. It that way I could re-tell that story using sequential art rather than a picture-book format. But that might be more appropriate for it’s 10th anniversary celebration.

Until then, you are welcome to my 2021 closest approximation. Rather than the typical personal dedication and drawing (in the improvised xieyi (寫意) brush style I love so much) I will re-ink two copies of Little Monk & the Mantis. That means each illustration in the story will be transformed into a new work of original art. AS an objet d’art the pair will be numbered 2021-1 of 2 & 2021-2 of 2 and will include a Non-fungible Digital Tokens (NFT). Once complete, each book will also include a front page dedication to/for the book’s patron. The process has already begun and I will provide updates over the book’s process with the intention of them shipping in time to make an amazing holiday gift.

Each book will be priced at $221

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