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Speculative Fiction for Dreamers
Lucy Veloz: Hign FLying Princess
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A Tiger’s Tale: volume 1 (2022)

All Kan ever wanted was to live in his forest as a tiger should. But when his mother adopted two human foundlings, Kan’s jealousy cost him his family and home. Exiled, Kan blames humans for his troubles. If he’s to make a home for himself in that distant forest, he and his brothers must journey beyond the natural world into the realm of myth, deities and Dragons.

A Tiger’s Tale is a graphic novel in the grand tradition of A Journey to the West, Usagi Yojimbo, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

This graphic novella is 80 pages, in color and perfect bound. Illustrated using traditional media and digital techniques. This graphic novel is full of exclusive back matter, glossary, appendix, gallery and more.

Speculative Fiction for Dreamers (2021)

A Latinx Anthology, Mad Creek Books, an imprint
of The Ohio State University Press, 2021

“An outstanding showcase of contemporary Latinx authors exploring identity through the conventions of sci-fi, fantasy, and magical realism. Themes of family, migration, and community resonate throughout these 38 masterful stories. … This is a knockout.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Contributors: Grisel Y. Acosta, Stephanie Adams-Santos, Frederick Luis Aldama, William Alexander, Nicholas Belardes, Louangie Bou-Montes, Lisa M. Bradley, Eliana Buenrostro, Diana Burbano, Pedro Cabiya, Steve Castro, Fernando de Peña, Scott Russell Duncan, Samy Figaredo, Tammy Melody Gomez, J. M. Guzman, Ernest Hogan, Pedro Iniguez, Ezzy G. Languzzi, Patrick Lugo, Roxanne Ocasio, Daniel Parada, Stephanie Nina Pitsirilos, Reyes Ramirez, Julia Rios, Sara Daniele Rivera, Roman Sanchez, Tabitha Sin, Alex Temblador, Rodrigo Vargas, Laura Villareal, Sabrina Vourvoulias, Karlo Yeager Rodriguez

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Zong-Q (2020)

Kung Fu vs. Chinese Hopping Vampires

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Lucy Veloz: High-Flying Princess (2020)

By Alex Hernandez

Lucy Veloz, The High-flying Princess, the story of a smart, brave girl who uses her marvelous inventions to become a superhero when the conquering Drood arrive on her planet. There’s science, adventure, valor and a whole lot of fun. Alex Hernandez and Patrick Lugo bring to life the action-packed tale of Lucy Veloz in this early reader, aimed at curious 6 – 8-year-olds. The story is divided into short, manageable chapters with accompanying illustrations.

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Little Monk & the Mantis (2012)

By John Fusco

Abandoned on the steps of the Shaolin Temple and raised by Monks who study the power of animals to develop Kung Fu, Wong Long tries to fit in. Forever bested by other students, he runs away. That summer, he discovers the a small praying mantis he names “Teacher” and is inspired to create an entirely new style of self-defense. When he returns to Shaolin Temple, the young monk is redeemed, history is made, and a kung fu legend is born.

Little Monk and the Mantis is the thrilling tale of one boy’s search for self-expression, courage and the peaceful, non-violent teachings that are at the root of true martial arts.

  • Book of the Year, Gellett Burgess Center for Children’s Literature
  • 2012 Preferred Choice Award, Creative Child Magazine
  • 2012 Selection for The Abbot’s Library Collection, Shaolin Temple, China, 2014

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