Westeros Avengers

What would The Avengers look like if they existed in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire? Who are the Westeros Avengers?

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Westeros Avenger: The Red Mountain

The Red Mountain of Dorne, don’t make him angry.

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Westeros Avengers: The Archer & The Widow

Two Westeros Avengers, neither are Knights: The first is the Longbow Archer Falcon-Eye of the Vale and the other is the notorious Widow of the Rose.

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The Titan Beyond the Wall

What foe would be such a threat as to unify all the heroes of Westeros?

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Westeros Avengers 3: Stormlander

It’s hammer time! The third of the Westeros Avengers’ founding trifecta is Stormlander!

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Westeros Avengers 2: Iron Lion

Westeros Avenger Mash-Up Part 2: Sir Antony Lannistark is the Iron Lion. #fanart #westerosavengers #gameofthrones #avengers #mashup #Lannister

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Decked Out: Rolling On

The Olive Hyde Art Gallery celebrates the 3rd anniversary of the Fremont Skate Park in Central Park by showcasing the blending of artistry and sport through deck design. More than 60 artists gather to present their take on the imagery of Skate Culture.

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Year of the Monkey

Today marks the first day of spring for the Year of the Fire Monkey. I got to illustrate the Monkey King himself and have it printed on a T-shirt to mark the occasion.

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Seeking its Sequential Art Solution: the case of page 108

thumbnail sketch for page 108

The challenge of illustrating of page 108 of the graphic novel Tiger’s Tale warrants a more in-depth view of the sequential art process. . . The resulting blog entry catalogues the tensions between two artistic temperaments, the meticulous planner and the inspired improviser, as well as the resulting artwork distilled from their tenuous collaboration.

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Inktober favorites; so far…

Setting some time aside from the usual work load to play with some new pens and make some fan art.

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