By Patrick Lugo

9 thoughts on “Coqui

    1. Thanks for reading Yanuary . . . though I wouldn’t reeeeeally consider this story part of its history

  1. After going there, I believe that you can trace reggae music to the sound of the indigenous tree frogs in Jamaica. So much to be said for the music of nocturnal animals. After just coming back from Yosemite, I miss the frog and cricket lullabies.

    1. This is the exact revelation we had while stayed in El Yunque (I’m told it’s the only tropical rain-forest that is also a national park . . . or was). The call & response wasn’t exclusive to El Coqui, there was a whole big band of night critters involved. The pace was more Salsa than Reggae . . . differences in the local flora?

  2. Love the Coqui! It’s my ring tone for Mami! That song can pierce through any noise! Love this story‼️

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