Before Wakanda Forever!

Long before his movie came out I designed a martial arts training product which, I didn’t realize at the time, would become widely used by martial artists, stunt teams and action stars.

The TIGERCLAW Clap Kicker

Imagine my surprise when in one the special features for BLACK PANTHER (2018) I witnessed star Chadwick Boesman “Kicking the Clap out of it”

Chadwick Bosemen kicks a Tigerclaw brand “Clap Kicker”

At the time Black Panther was among my favorite MCU entries, so much so I even bought the movie. That was how I discovered his use of the product.

I was unable to include this detail in my review but on the tragic occasion of this star’s passing I was able to return to this in a written tribute published in this site: BLACK PANTHER: Come Out Fighting: A Review Revisited.

A couple of years later I had the good fortune to reunite with my long time collaborator Gene Ching on a review of this highly anticipated movie.

This was a heart felt and heart wrenching movie. One which challenged the observational remove I often employ when I’m attending a press-screening in preparation for a review. I’ll spare you the details, but I’ll just extend the benefit of the doubt to assume this at this autumn has been equally intense for you.

One such challenge included the selection of a title. A review’s title often reveals itself in the article’s writing. Sometime it’s immediately obvious what I’ll be titling a piece as I walk out the theater. In one case a used a friend’s very witty suggestion. But I’m this instance I found myself listing potential titles before, during and after the process.

I’ve listed them here for you, so that once you’ve the article you can decide for yourself if we selected the best title.

  • Wakanda Forever: More
  • Wakanda Forever: Long Live the Queen – seems like a spoiler
  • Wakanka Forever: Blue Wave (?)
  • Wakanda Forvever: The Black Cat, The Feathered Serpent & the Iron Heart
  • Wakanda Forever: An Ocean of Tears

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Let me know which title you think was best!