Little Monk: Artist’s Editions

Have I ever told you about Artist’s Editions for my award winning children’s picture book? I’ve set aside to copies of Little Monk & the Mantis for a very special destiny.

Illustrating Little Monk and the Mantis: pt. 2

Grass Mantis postcard

Previously, the seeds of LITTLE MONK & THE MANTIS took root, with a finished manuscript finding a publisher and the author finding his artist. With a working title of “Mantis looks at the Moon” the manuscript containing thumbnail sketches in […]

Little Monk and the Mantis: a retrospective.

moon light mantis: water color sketch

“With illustrator Patrick Lugo’s colorful, energetic paintings, author John Fusco has brought to life an inspiring tale of the development of one of the many styles of Shaolin Kung Fu — a style derived from one young monk’s observation of […]