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A some of you may know, it’s now been about a year since circumstances forced a change in career to FULL-TIME Artist. I’ve had PLUGOarts probably since the turn of the century but as my skills and ambitions grow I’ve launched other endeavors. They included MartialArtsMasks.com and a more formal PatrickLugo.com.

But that’s not all, setting aside commercial design has allowed my comics creativity to flourish. I dipped my toes into some political cartooning, Rayo Cosmico Publishing has releasethe Middle Grade eBook Lucy Veloz: High-flying Princess (with a paperback soon to arrive) and I launched the webcomic ZONG Q as a 2020 Halloween special). But there are a bunch of other comics and creative projects in the works.

and that’s why I’ve decided to start a newsletter. Now I don’t quite have a schedule for it, and I promise to keep it short and useful. After all, I’ve got this blog (and social media friends) for rambling. Hopefully I’ll come up with a more clever name than PLUGOnews. Maybe PLUGOmuses? But if you’re willing to give it a shot and sign-up… I’ve got a very special and personal comic I’ve been working on that I would love for you to read; for free.

Just sign up below or over to the right and I’ll send you to it.


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