Artist's Edition Cover

Little Monk & The Shaolin Abbot

Just this afternoon the Venerable Shi Yongxin (释永信), Abbot of Shaolin Temple paid a visit to the Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine offices. As Senior Designer / Art Director I was tasked (along with the rest of the media crew) with following him around the office, camera recording. As gifts were being presented I had the opportunity to gift him with a copy of LITTLE MONK & THE MANTIS the children’s picture book which has been opening doors for me since its publication only two years ago.

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Artist’s Editions are signed and numbered copies of the book which include an extra drawing along with my signature and chop. I had set aside Artist Edition #50 for a special occasion and, for at least a year, it sat quietly in my desk. I was not sure I would have the opportunity to present it, the Abbot is a busy fellow and while my bosses and select co-workers have met him on several occasions, this wuld be a first for this non-Manderin speaker. Still, when the moment arose I was there with book in hand. I’m unsure how well the Abbot reads English, but he did take the time to peruse the book pausing every few pages to observe the art contained inside.