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Ah Ya! What is there to do when the dead come back each night? Run, Read more
After a brief mid-season break, THE COMICS FU SHOW comes back strong with two back-to-back Read more
My next class! I'll be facilitating a breakout session called Sequential Arts Essentials at the Read more
What better way to celebrate the start of Hispanic Heritage Month than to reveal Lucy Read more
This blog-post is a specific follow-up to The August 22, 2023 Live-Stream 1-on-1 with Literary Read more
I was stuck having put off updates for fear of not having enough, or the Read more
On Tuesday August 22 1:PM PST | 4:PM EST Literary agent and founder of Read more
Much of this Summer has been devoted to helping others get their projects launched. I'll Read more
Not all princesses need saving! And that's especially true for Lucy Veloz: High-flying Princess! The Read more
Earlier this year I had the privilege of being invited onto the 2023 MMC Judging Read more
Today the second member of Kids Comics Unite’s Crowdfunding Crucible​ - the curriculum I was Read more
The summer of 2023 has not been boring. Alternatively hot and/or hectic, my astute friends Read more