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Westeros Avenger: The Red Mountain

The Red Mountain of Dorne, don’t make him angry.

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The Titan Beyond the Wall

What foe would be such a threat as to unify all the heroes of Westeros?

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Westeros Avengers 2: Iron Lion

Westeros Avenger Mash-Up Part 2: Sir Antony Lannistark is the Iron Lion. #fanart #westerosavengers #gameofthrones #avengers #mashup #Lannister

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Year of the Monkey

Today marks the first day of spring for the Year of the Fire Monkey. I got to illustrate the Monkey King himself and have it printed on a T-shirt to mark the occasion.

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Digital Inks: All Monster Comics Special

PLUGO inks David Lansky

A Throwback-Thursday Special: Alternative Comics published a special Halloween themed mini-comic in 2014 which featured a special writer+artist collaboration and and octet of inkers. My contribution was generated digitally and allowed for images of the step-by-step process.

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