Planning your un-productivity

I live in the lap of chaos. Yet I’ve been able to achieve certain things based on intuitive methods of haphazardly planning months or weeks ahead -in the vaguest of ways. But maybe there’s a method that relies less heavily on luck.

The Comics Fu Reader

THE COMICS FU READER is a comic anthology featuring Kung Fu comics by Kung Fu Practitioners! It will be included FREE in all packages sent to backers of

The 1st 55

Here we are, at the final day of my countdown. The journey to launching A Tiger’s Tale on Kickstarter has harnessed the power of many a late night up. As February 1st approaches, my excitement to share this moment has me thinking of my fellow night-owls. So I’ve decided on a night-time release for the campaign. We are celebrating the Lunar New Year and so…

The Tiger Talk Teaser Trailer!

Beginning on Tuesday [February 1st] 2022] join me for a new online feature: Tiger Talk – informal conversations with some of the great minds in Martial Arts! We’ll be discussing the Lunar New Year of the Tiger, the Tiger’s place within Martial Arts and the kung fu community. Just a short list of the guests who’ll be appearing.