The Crowdfunding Crucible

Is 6 weeks enough time to pull together a crowdfunding campaign?

I think so, and I plan to prove it. With The Crowdfunding Crucible!

Before crowdfunding, I’d spent over a year collecting polite rejection letters from agents and editors for my graphic novel project.

I’d devoted years to it and was certain there was an audience for it. I firmly believed in the story as well as the story-behind-the-story.

After that year of rejections, I reworked the project and my approach to reaching that audience. It was through crowdfunding that I was able to directly and immediately activate my audience by spotlighting that story-behind-the-story.

The work to build a crowdfunding campaign not only led to funding, it opened doors where I had previously only seen barriers.

The opportunities which sprang from that first campaign include: additional publishing offers, book sales, grant awards, and gallery and museum recognition.

Most importantly, it opened my eyes to the importance of that “story behind the story.”


So it’s through this unique opportunity, offered to me by the community where I will help other talented creators anneal those stories and build a successful campaign around them.

You See. from July 1 to July 31, 2023 Crowdfunding’s newest platform is turning the spotlight onto crowdfunding campaigns from Kids & YA content creators:

  • Comics
  • Books
  • Zines
  • Games & Toys
  • Art & Illustration

and everything else that makes Kids & YA Content Creators the best!

Creators who crowdfund their project as part of the Kids & YA Content Creator Spotlight on Crowdfundr, will get these amazing benefits:

  • Their campaign will be included in the Kids & YA Content Creator Spotlight section on Crowdfundr.
  • Crowdfundr will showcase and highlight their campaign via our paid advertising and social media channels.
  • Creators will be featured in Creator Spotlight, our promotion strategy for helping people learn more about them and their projects.
  • Each member will have access to success coaches and the campaign set-up team for getting the maximum out of Crowdfundr.

I’ve been invited to create and lead this boot-camp style program designed to get any creator and their project (no matter the scope) ready to successfully launch on this new platform. A number of them have already signed up to participate in Crowdfundr’s Kids and YA Spotlight this summer. And I’ve been pulling out the stops to make sure each of them will have the best possible chance for success with their campaign.

So If you’ve got a project that you’ve been thinking of crowdfunding over this summer then I’ve been crafting this 6-week coaching program with you in mind. Each week we’ll cover, in real-time, what will need to be accomplished, breaking everything down into doable steps. The programs includes templates, critiques, checklists and homework. And you’ll be sharing ideas and moving forward together with me and other creators who are focusing on the same goal.

I’ll also coach each member through a one-on-one video recording session (15 minutes) from which you can create your crowdfunding video. Plus I’ve arranged for a 50% discount on professional video editing services for those who really want to invest in stepping of the quality of their presentation.

You’ll have me walking you through the whole process (something I’ve done for myself). By the end of the final week, you’ll be ready to go live with your launch!

Our 1 Hour sessions will be held via Zoom every Thursday at 11 am PST/2 pm EST from May 25th – June 29th. Replays of all sessions will also be available.

Lastly, each student will be started off with a list of primed leads to podcasters and journalists who have already set aside time in their schedules to Spotlight student campaigns on Crowdfundr!


  • Launch the crowdfunding campaign your project has been waiting for!
  • Realistically assess your crowdfunding reach and campaign style.
  • Extract your promotional assets and campaign narrative from the finished project you plan to crowdfund.
  • Customize strategies for outreach and promoting your campaign.
  • The secret to planning for success – even if a funding goal is not met.
  • Bring your project to the crowdfunding launch pad in time for’s summer kidlit spotlight