Ximena X

Graphic Cosplay Kickstarter Reward.

On November 18th. 2020 Speculative Fiction for Dreamers: A Latinx Anthology was successfully funed on Kickstarter. This a collection of young adult science fiction and fantasy was supported by 431 backers who pledged $15,672 to bring this project to life. Among them one lucky back opted for a very special reward, a graphic cosplay.

This pitch was as follows . . .

“Make yourself into a science fiction or fantasy character! Patrick Lugo will draw you using three photos you provide in the genre of your choice. Also Included: The Pogo poster, Speculative Fiction for Dreamers T-Shirt, A trade paperback copy of Speculative Fiction for Dreamers, an ebook copy of Speculative Fiction for Dreamers in the format of your choice, and the Pogo postcard.”

After a quick correspondence with the winner of this reward I was left with these notes to build a character around.

The super hero character would be my daughter. She is a bookworm whose favorite genre is Fantasy and Science fiction. She loves The Hunger Games, The Mortal Instrument series and her favorite character in Avatar the Last Airbender is Suki, one of the Kyoshi warriors. This Halloween she is dressing up as a Shadow hunter from the City of Ashes.

From our winning patron.

Download .PDF file below [24Mb]

Ximena-X illustration [PDF]