Geof Darrow on Drawing for Movies

This week’s interview with Geof Darrow creator of the comic THE SHAOLIN COWBOY and concept artist behind such films as THE MATRIX also included a variety of interesting tangents including close encounters with Director Sir Ridley Scott and the CATWOMAN movie.

The Tiger Talk Teaser Trailer!

Beginning on Tuesday [February 1st] 2022] join me for a new online feature: Tiger Talk – informal conversations with some of the great minds in Martial Arts! We’ll be discussing the Lunar New Year of the Tiger, the Tiger’s place within Martial Arts and the kung fu community. Just a short list of the guests who’ll be appearing.

Solo Nerd Bird -Interview

Normally I’m the one asking questions. But this interview with Solo Nerd Bird Podcast made for an illuminating view of my journey from comic artist to graphic designer / illustrator and back. Give it a look see.

2021 Top 10 Whatever!

Only becasue 2021 has been so maddening, that it occurred to me why making a top 10 list might actually have mood enhancing properties.