Entering the Asaniverse

Among recent events is my joining the design team at Asani Entertainment. What started off as a Creative Consult over the course of last summer has evolved into a dynamic role helping to bring this ambitious project to life.

In recognition of the importance of positive images to positive identity formation, Asani Entertainment reimagines genre for a new audience and millennium.

Asani Entertainment is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based Company founded in 2016 by Owner, CEO, President, and Publisher David Chaucer La Forest. An African-American, disabled veteran, LaForest is an award-winning, published poet and author.

Asani Entertainment’s first comic books, will be centered on a new shared fantasy universe – The Asaniverse, created and written by Mr. La Forest and depicted by freelance artist Ren McKinzie, an African-American, disabled combat veteran, Didi Bazzarini, Livia Pastore and Sara Manca, Italian illustrators and Raja Nandepu an Indian concept artist.

Among my various roles has been the development of their newsletter production schedule and well as their social media strategy.

A screen capture of an early iteration of the Asani Entertainment Instagram feed.