#MalazanMarch Live

I’ve been lamenting skipping out on my annual #MalazanMarch fan art activities this year. So I’ll be sharing some past pieces, abandoned and recent sketches and works in progress.
Today 2:00pm PST

FBF with The Eargoggle

Just last summer I had good fortune of working with the extremely talented musician Ezra Gale. He’s part of delightfully eclectic network of musicians I’ve crisscross paths with over the years and we finally got to work together on this amazing project…

#TigerTuesday Week 10

When the artist you admire agrees to provide art for your project, that’s something to be thankful for. When they offer an additional piece as prescription/inspiration then perhaps that project is on it’s way. or should I say 為?


Challenge! : to distill a story, an epic story into just six comic panels. It can be done! Just see the results of adapting Lord of the Rings to a comic #DoneinSix