FBF with The Eargoggle

I’ve got something fun for Friday! Over the summer of 2021 I has the good fortune of working with the extremely talented musician Ezra Gale. He’s part of delightfully eclectic network of musicians I’ve lucky enough to crisscross paths with over the years. in fact some are dear old-school friends and I’ve got some precious memories of of New Years Eve celebrations in the sleepiest of Northern California towns called Casper.

Well we reunited just this past year to work on this amazing project of his!

Funded on Kickstarter!

That graphic should really read comic anthology, as the lyrics to each song in this double album set are adapted into a short comic by an individual indie comic-creator. I got to work on one a well and it was an awesome experience rather than my usual wheelhouse of I dunno… Mythological-Expressionistic Adventure? (someone help me out here). I got to work on an edgy Sci-Fi Romance!

Plus I had a fantastic time illustrating that cover. But full-disclosure, that’s not the finished art. One of the really fun perks in his campaign was to offer backers the chance to title one of the books in the widow, with their name.

Well, we ended up going one step further. We included the track list as well. But here’s the thing. Do you remember how I mentioned the album, book and magazine covers I’ve designed? I kinda decided to design a book cover for each one.  Admittedly  some are better than others but this whole “wouldn’t it be cool if” resulted a whole other diegetic level to this project.

Plus it resulted in this cool kinda music video, featuring what might be my favorite track from the project. Check it out, you folks are the first to see it. 

Be watchful for some of the other books which made it onto the shelves of that book store!

And if you want to take it  A N O T H E R level deeper have your QR code reader handy 😉