Subscribers of my monthly MUSEletter will have received other examples but for the sake of a public blog, let me explain. Dating back to the 2021 launch of my monthly (+/-) newsletter I discovered a fun means of focusing a disjointed effort at putting myself out there. I’d structure my newsletter then around the significance of day.

For example; June 11, 2024 happens to mark the 91st birthday of iconic actor Gene Wilder. For artists and chocolate lovers of my generation he’s the definitive Willy Wonka.

But I think it’s his starting role in Mel Brooks’ masterpiece film Young Frankenstein that is the high point of his career. Appropriately, I discovered this movie when I was a bit older. I’m not sure if it was before or after Blazing Saddles but, at a guess, I’d go with the later as it was in color and my default attitude towards black and while films was, that they were boring.