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In May I wrote about my joining the design team of Asani Entertainment. Originally contracted to provide layout for comic publication that would flagship this project’s stable of titled.

This was sometime in March. Since then, developing their web presence and newsletter campaign has been the focus of my duties. Initially planned for NCBD (New Comic Book Day) the first Saturday in May, the date for the launch of the offices Asani Entertainment was pushed back to May 15. Unfortunately, the web-design service which was contracted before I joined the team did not take instruction well. As a result even the most minor of changes would takes days or weeks to resolve.

Initial Landing page for

This is why I like to handle these builds myself. I ended up using my own web skills to quickly build 2 landing pages intended to offset web development delays and maintain some measure of connection to our promotional campaign schedule.

Early iteration of the Asani Entertainment website.
Header redesign I provided

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