Reviewing Dune part 2

Early in February I was offered the opportunity to review DUNE part 2 as a part of an exclusive afternoon press screening in San Francisco. Unlike the usual press screening this one was different in a couple of ways. Not only was the screening scheduled early enough to afford a weekend of writing, there were no additional guests allowed; the entire theater was closed for the showing. A lone security guard pointed me to the gap in the rolling gates which kept the SONY METREON mall’s third floor theater secured.

Escalator to the 3rd floor theater

The additional time allowed me to conduct research and explore refinements to my writing style.

Cutting to the Quick

Denis Villeneuve’s new movie is arguably the most anticipated sequel of 2024. Its closest competitor is the MCU’s only entry for the year – DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE. After a half dozen Academy Awards and an 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, Villeneuve’s sequel is already sitting at 97%. If you liked the first one, you’ll probably love this one. If you thought the first movie was too slow, this one corrects that…a bit. See it on IMAX or in one of those Sensurround theaters that have been making a comeback – it’s a big movie, a sensory experience. Thanks for reading.

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There were less than 10 reviewers in attendance

The experience left me inspired and resulted in thumbnails for a DONE IN SIX comic adaptation – something to watch for. Until then check out my review. Or if you plan to watch DUNE 2 – or already have. Put it in the comments, I need to talk about details to someone whose seen it.

SPOILER ALERT — The movie is a sensory experience. Without the option to depict the pervasive heat the planet Arrakkis is known for, sound design is used instead. The costume and set design are sumptuous and there are hugely epic action set-pieces. Some add a hint of spice to the hordes of literally faceless masses charging towards each other, blades drawn. When it comes to epic warfare there has yet to come a director able to escape the gravity well of Peter Jackson’s LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. Villeneuve comes close in some places but offers so much else that dust-covered Fremen fighting dust-covered Harkonnens, or maybe Sardaukar, in a sandstorm is forgivable.

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