THOR: Love & Thunder — official review

I had to write this article quickly as I’ve only just seen this movie on Wednesday night (Odin’s Day) which left me only one day to turn it in … Thor’s Day! Well, I did and I think it turned […]

Chaos Magic: May & More

How does one get anything done while in the maelstrom of chaos and make it all look meticulously planned? I’ve been having conversations with sorcerers and tricksters about harnessing those energies inherent in chaos; particularly the chaos I’ve found myself at home in over the past couple of years.

The Tiger Talk Teaser Trailer!

Beginning on Tuesday [February 1st] 2022] join me for a new online feature: Tiger Talk – informal conversations with some of the great minds in Martial Arts! We’ll be discussing the Lunar New Year of the Tiger, the Tiger’s place within Martial Arts and the kung fu community. Just a short list of the guests who’ll be appearing.

The Comics Fu Show: episode 2

Episode 2 of THE COMICS FU SHOW was stacked. Along with talking Venom and comics of the 90’s, Special Guest Sifu José Figueroa took us on a journey that ranged from the birth of Hip-hop and break dancing through independent production to behind the scenes at Shang Chi. #kungfu #hiphop #rocksteadycrew #breakdancing #martialarts #latinoheritage #latinxheritage #taijiquan #oralhistory #loureed #blacksaltfilm #blacksalt #marvelcomics #venom #taichi #hunga #martialarts