The Comics Fu Reader

THE COMICS FU READER is a comic anthology featuring Kung Fu comics by Kung Fu Practitioners! It will be included FREE in all packages sent to backers of

The Tiger Talk Teaser Trailer!

Beginning on Tuesday [February 1st] 2022] join me for a new online feature: Tiger Talk – informal conversations with some of the great minds in Martial Arts! We’ll be discussing the Lunar New Year of the Tiger, the Tiger’s place within Martial Arts and the kung fu community. Just a short list of the guests who’ll be appearing.

Little Monk: Artist’s Editions

Have I ever told you about Artist’s Editions for my award winning children’s picture book? I’ve set aside to copies of Little Monk & the Mantis for a very special destiny.

Zong Q

Ah Ya! What is there to do when the dead come back each night? Run, Fight, Flee! Unless you’re Zong Q then this is your chance to get things right by send back each ghost, zombie or vampire he can find.