THE COMICS FU SHOW Is about to come out of hiatus for the it’s 2023 season. Over its first season we chatted with Martial Arts Masters, Movie Stars, Comic Creators and the founder of Powerhouse Animation Studios. To celebrate the launch of season two, we are planing a series of Tuesday and Sunday live streams.

THE COMICS FU SHOW Live! Beginning 1/22/23 and every Sunday and Tuesday until 2/19/23

Featuring our resident Kung Fu Master Kurtis Fujita and Guest Kung Fu Masters from around the world we’re planning a series of ASK THE KUNG FU MASTER segments. Open to comic creators who’d want to punch up their action scenes and fight choreography or have burning historical or philosophical questions in need of an answer. Many of these masters were initially inspired by comics and some have a keen interest in both.

Ask The Kung Fu Master! Do you have a character that uses a specific weapons or practices a specific martial arts style? Some do. This could be the chance to talk with someone with that very specific expertise. Any comic creator  interested in being a part of such a conversation is welcome to send written questions or record a video question, including the details of their own comic work or project.


  • 1/22 – 9:00pm PST – New Year’s Eve Special Live Cast with Sifu Kurtis Fujita.
  • 1/23 – 9:45am PST – Solo Live Launch Cast
  • 1/23 – 8:00pm PST – THE COMICS FU SHOW New Year Special!
  • 1/24 – 12:00pm PST – Gong Fu Tea with Dr. John Kokko
  • 1/24 – 2:00pm PST – Shakuhachi Flute with Cornelius Boots
  • 1/24 – 7:30pm PST – THE COMICS FU SHOW AFTER-DARK  with Shaolin Disciple Gene Ching; Publisher of
  • 1/25 – 2:00pm PST – Wuxia Wednesday – Barney Smith of Story Comic
  • 1/29 – 2:00pm PST – Ennead. Rule of Nine the graphic novel by JL Johnson Jr. 
  • 1/31 – 12:30pm PST – Favorite Fight Scene & Headlines with Grant Balfour 
  • 1/31 – 3:00pm PST – Shaolin Nun the comic series by JC Carter & Co. 
  • More to Come!

If have any questions you’d like answered include them in the comments below. But, if you’d like to sit in on any of these sessions email me at