Westeros Avengers



  1. a mixture or fusion of disparate elements.
    “the movie becomes a weird mash-up of 1950s western and 1970s TV cop show”


Like the old gods and the new, Game of Thrones and The Avengers comprise two pop-culture phenomena which both entertain and reflect their respective audiences. So what would it look like if they were combined? What would The Avengers look like if they existed in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire? Who are the Westeros Avengers? At a glance it would be easy to say “Tony Stark is a Stark,” But if you’ve watched the show, or read the books, seen the movie or followed the comics, then you might think that a different member of the avengers would make a more suitable northman.

This man of the north would not be a knight, but rather a man of the people. Perhaps he derives his strength from the old gods, or he volunteered for experimentation by some lesser lord’s mad maester.  Like most lowborn he would have a single name: Stev. But on the field of battle he would be known as Banner-man or Captain The North!

Banner-Man or Captain The North

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