One Bite at a Time: Interview Replay


0:00 Beginning
0:56 Event Outline
1:45 Introduction to Ryan Claytor
14:58 The Path toward Ryan’s ONE BITE AT A TIME Art Book
21:02 Ryan Claytor’s Newest Book: ONE BITE AT A TIME
31:08 5 Tips for Creating Your Owen Art Book
40:15 Thanks to Kids Comics Unite Audience
41:02 Beginning of Q&A
42:25 Inspiration for Specialty Formatting in ONE BITE AT A TIME
45:10 Differences between glue binding and smythe sewn binding
48:10 Was the theme of process in ONE BITE AT A TIME a pushback against AI?
49:31 Who will be printing ONE BITE AT A TIME?
52:29 What are best practices for streamlining fulfillment?
56:31 How did you create the Comics Minor at Michigan State University?
1:06:47 How do you see independent publishing changing now?
1:12:30 Do you have any thoughts about the potential downturn in crowd-funding?
1:18:35 What kind of content do you include in an Email newsletter?
1:21:30 How often do you send out your email updates?
1:23:15 How do you keep up with weekly Patreon updates?
1:29:05 How much time do you structure your various tasks as an artist?
1:33:05 Do you ever feel rusty when you come back to the drawing table?
1:35:45 How do you deal with international distribution as a self-publisher?
1:39:14 How do you conceptualize and execute lettering in your work?
1:46:30 Can you talk about your approach to product photography?
1:50:50 A brief explanation of Kickstarter’s new header image functionality
1:54:50 Conclusion

There remains less than 10 days before this campaign concludes, fortunately it’s met it’s funding goal, so I know I’ll be getting my copy – but each new backer brings everyone closer to additional perks…

So if you’re a fan of art books and custom formatting or bookbinding… check it out. See if you have room in your library for this one.