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Peanuts & Mushrooms: A trip to the Charles Schulz Museum

Panoramic "fish-eye" of the Lobby's main wall.

A #TBT review (or travelog) of a long overdue trip to the Charles M. Schulz museum & research center; with photos.

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The Zoomquilt

Check out THE ZOOMQUILT! An infinitely zooming work of collaborative surrealism.

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Sketching KICK-ASS

A quick sketch of KICK-ASS. Done in Copic markers.

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Wolverine in Japan

As a companion to the review I wrote for I worked up a fairly quick digital sketch. An attempt to capture my 30+ year old recollections of the miniseries from which the movie was loosely adapted. Something I never

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REVIEWish: Man of Steel

Man of Steel illustratrion by Parick Lugo

“I’m as American as it gets.” Superman, as played by British actor Henry Cavill, says to the African American General Swanwick, towards the end of Man of Steel (2013). It’s not the best line in the movie; that line is saved, appropriately, for Lois

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