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A quick sketch of KICK-ASS. Done in Copic markers. Read more
Wolverine in Japan
As a companion to the review I wrote for I worked up a fairly Read more
Man of Steel illustratrion by Parick Lugo
"I'm as American as it gets." Superman, as played by British actor Henry Cavill, says to the Read more
illustrating Mantis Kung Fu
Previously, The story now titled Little Monk and the Mantis: a bug, a boy and Read more
Grass Mantis postcard
Previously, the seeds of LITTLE MONK & THE MANTIS took root, with a finished manuscript Read more
moon light mantis: water color sketch
"With illustrator Patrick Lugo's colorful, energetic paintings, author John Fusco has brought to life an Read more
It's been about a month since I set up a mobile interface for this blog. Read more
The quest to block out a chunk of time for productivity is ongoing. Read more