I’ve committed to so many activities over this summer, I’ve had little chance to spend time writing more than a caption or post.

My blog has been quiet as a result. I am so out of practice I neglected to consider writing a blog post to mention my latest piece of writing. An actual movie review!

It’s been well over a year since a was invited to a press screener for the express purpose of writing a movie review. I’ve been fortunate to be the plus one for a handful of recent theater outings, quite exclusive and very socially distanced. Sometime last week I was given the invite to review James Gunn’s latest movie; THE SUICIDE SQUAD.

It’s one I was already planning to watch (thanks HBO max) and maybe create a piece of fanart or a blog post in relation to it. I jumped at the chance to catch this movie a few days ahead of schedule, and was delighted to know I would “take the lead” on this new by-line. I’ve been needing a new by Patrick Lugo on an outlet other than my own, so why not right turn to my alma mater: to explain what people should catch this movie… even in a theater.

You can read the entire interesting there: SUICIDE SQUAD: GUNN VIOLENCE – It was great fun to write and according to long time collaborator and editor Gene Ching it was fun to read …and an improvement in my writing style. Feel free to see for your self.

In the meantime; let me add a few stray thoughts here that did not make it into the piece.

  • Idris Elba could easily have been Squad mainstay BRONZE TIGER, though it could be argued that character informed much of the writing and portrayal of Bloodsport.
  • In fact (SPOILER ALERT) he explicitly makes use of Kung Fu’s legendary move the Dim Mak – or. Touch of death.
  • We can now hope for Michael Jai White to be cast as the Tiger mask wearing martial artist.
  • The film is filled with so many hilarious casting gags up to including series created John Ostrander.
  • Lastly, the entire superhero trope of the faceless hordes is put to excellent use!

One last touch of irony, my last movie review for KFM was BIRDS OF PREY. Just before the pandemic shutdown. How funny that I’m back for Harley Quinn’s victorious return.

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