Week 3 on The Comics Fu Show!

We’ve got a surprise live appearance TONIGHT! 6:pm PST | 9:pm EST

Sunday 2/5 on The Comics Fu Show

Live! 11:00am PST | 2:00pm EST – ASK A KUNG FU MASTER

Featuring our resident Kung Fu Master Kurtis Fujita and guest Kung Fu Masters from around the world THE COMICS FU SHOW continues its live series of ASK THE KUNG FU MASTER sessions. These sessions are for comic creators who’d like to punch up their action scenes and fight choreography, or who have burning historical or philosophical questions in need of answers. Do you have a character that uses specific weapons or practices a specific martial arts style? This could be the chance to talk with someone with that very specific expertise. Any comic creator interested in being a part of such a conversation is welcome to send written questions or record a video question, including the details of their own comic work or project. Your Hosts: Master Kurtis Fujita – Sifu Kurtis Fujita has the distinction of simultaneously holding the offices of Los Angeles Chairman of the United States Traditional Kung Fu Wushu Federation and the Hung Gar Kung Fu Advisor to the International Traditional Kung Fu Association. He founded Tiger Crane Kung Fu in 2003 and for nearly two decades, has actively taught Martial Arts. Known as an exponent of the Hung Gar Kuen (洪家拳) style, he is also well-versed in Tai Chi, Standing Meditation, and Do Gar (道家) . Fujita’s writing has been featured extensively in Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine and he has been a guest instructor for the Ventura County Police and Sheriff’s Reserve Officer Academy. He is also the creator of the comic book SHADOW GHOST: THE KUNG FU COMIC BY A KUNG FU MASTER published in 2023.

Live! 1:30pm PST | 4:30pm EST: illustrator Leonardo Quiles

Leo Quiles is an author, illustrator, and educator. His work in the commercial film industry, producing feature film visual effects, television spots, and computer generated visualizations, honed his interest in visual storytelling and continues to inspire his interest in developing original content for animation as well as informing his editorial illustration, comics work, and children’s literature.

Leo is currently writing and illustrating his debut graphic novel for Macmillan Children’s Publishing, publication date Fall 2024. You can find him at LeoQuiles.com.